French Phrases for Your Sweetheart

“Je t’aime.”

This phrase, the most straightforward and meaningful of all the romantic French phrases, translates to “I love you”. It can be uttered by wither a man or a woman since there is no indication of gender within the phrase and is essentially enough to captivate the meaning conveyed through any other expression of love. These two simple words are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who understands the French language.

“Tu es très belle.”

This phrase, typically spoken by a man to a woman, translates to “You are very beautiful.” The expression is certain to bring about a sense of confidence and feeling of love within both the one it is spoken by and the one it is spoken to. Other possible substitutions for this phrase are, “Tu es très jolie,” which means, “You are very pretty”, and “Tu es très beau,” which translates to “You are very handsome.”

“J’ai besoin de toi.”

The English translation of this phrase is “I need you”, which offers an expression of how much you value the individual walking into your life. Though this phrase may be misconstrued, it is often conveying the implication that in order to maintain the beautiful life the two lovers have built together, it is necessary for both of them to be there.

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“Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi.”

This phrase, which translates to “I can’t live without you,” offers a unique and simple way to imply that the person you are with is your everything and you cannot imagine a day without them in your arms. Since there is no indication of gender within the statement, it can be spoken by either a man or a woman.


One of the most romantic of the phrases listed on this page, “embrasse-moi” translates to “kiss me”. The French are known for their greetings, brought to life with a kiss on either cheek, but the implication of this phrase is more intimate than a simple greeting.

“Je veux passer toute ma vie avec toi.”

The phrase “Je veux passer toute ma vie avec toi” translates to “I want to spend my life with you,” and implies that you see a vivid and beautiful future with the person on the receiving end of the words.

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“Je t’adore.”

Sometimes substituted for “Je t’aime”, which translates to “I love you”, “je t’adore” means, “I adore you.” The phrase allows the speaker to simply use three simple words to convey the affection they feel towards the other person. Since there it no indication of gender, the phrase can be spoken by either a man or a woman.

“Je suis amoureuse.”

“Je suis amoureuse”, spoken by a woman, means, “I am in love.” The male translation of the phrase is, “je suis amoureux.” However, whether spoken by a man or a woman, the reaction to the utterance of these words is sure to be smiles all around, and perhaps even an “embrasse-moi” response!

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